Chairperson's Message

The National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC) was established by the Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan in 2006 to implement a comprehensive program of accreditation of agriculture education degree programs based on policies, procedures, and criteria set up by HEC to assure high quality and standards of education. The council is responsible for publishing a list of ranking of agriculture qualifications/programs and promotes intellectual development and understanding of subject areas that impact accreditation activities in the agriculture profession. Besides, the NAEAC is mandated to provide guidance for the improvement of the existing educational programs and the development of future programs leading to the agriculture profession.
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Developing a dynamic and evolving mechanism of quality assurance of agriculture education to meet the current and emerging challenges of knowledge economy.


Meeting of Chairperson NAEAC with Chairman PHEC

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Agriculture Personnel Registration System inaugurated during 16th Council meeting of NAEAC

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On-site Accreditation visit to The University of Haripur

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On-site Accreditation visit to University of Swabi

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